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How Can You Make Visits with Your Senior Productive as a Long-Distance Caregiver?

When you’re a long-distance family caregiver, visits with your senior may feel way too short. Depending on how often you’re able to visit, you may need to do everything that you can in order to make the most of those visits.

Keep in Touch with Elder Care Providers and Family Members.

From your home, you can only understand so much about your senior’s experience. Make sure that you’re keeping in touch with everyone who sees your aging adult regularly. This could mean talking frequently with family members, neighbors, and elder care providers who have hands-on access to your elderly family member.

Scope out the Food Situation.

Food can tell you quite a bit about how well your senior is taking care of herself. You’re going to want to make sure that there aren’t expired foods or foods that are not recommended for her health conditions. From there, it’s about making sure that her fridge and pantry are stocked with healthy, delicious foods that she’ll enjoy.

Double Check Medications.

If your senior’s medications are not working properly for her or if she’s not taking them correctly, then that can cause some significant problems for her. Take the time to talk with her doctor and her pharmacist about the medications your senior is taking. If she’s experiencing side effects, they may need adjusting.

Set up a System with Your Senior for Communication.

Even with extra help from other people, you need to know that you and your senior are communicating with each other openly and honestly. It’s important for her to understand that you simply want her to be safe and healthy, so telling you honestly what is going on is never a problem. Let her know that she can tell you anything and you’ll work to find a solution that works best for her.

Address In-person Issues While You’re There.

Some issues have to be addressed in person, no matter how much help you’ve got. You might need to meet with your senior’s doctor or lawyer while you’re in town, so be sure to schedule those appointments as soon as possible. Try to cover everything that needs handling while you’re right there.

Don’t forget that you’re there to see your senior. Too much focus on the nuts and bolts of caregiving will leave you and her feeling as if you didn’t have time together.

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