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What Can You Do if Your Aging Adult Has a Problem Managing Their Anger?

Being a family caregiver for a senior family member who has an anger management issue might seem like an impossible task. Figuring out where your boundaries lie and learning how to enforce them can be really helpful in this situation.

Set Boundaries.

You might not even realize exactly where your boundaries are just yet, and that is okay. Boundaries are imaginary lines between the behavior that you’ll tolerate from your elderly family member and the behavior that you won’t tolerate. Some examples might include throwing things at you, yelling at you, and other expressions of anger that can cause you physical and emotional harm.

Calmly Express Your Boundaries to Your Aging Adult.

During a time when you and your aging adult are both calm, talk to her about your boundaries. Let her know how it feels to you when those boundaries are crossed and let her know that you’re going to enforce your boundaries from here on out. In some situations, such as when an elderly family member has dementia, she may be less willing or able to control her behavior.

Leave the Situation if You Can.

If one of your boundaries is crossed, such as by your aging family member yelling at you when you’ve asked her to stop, leave the situation if possible. Leaving the room can be enough, especially if you just need a quick moment to calm down. This isn’t always possible for you to do, of course, but it can be very helpful.

Seek Counseling for Both of You, if Possible.

Having a therapist or counselor who understands the needs of your elderly family member can help both of you. If your aging adult isn’t willing or able to speak with a therapist with you, you can still benefit by going on your own. You can learn ways to help you manage the feelings that your elderly family member’s anger issues bring up for you.

Finding the right solution for your situation can feel impossible at first, but it really isn’t. You deserve to be treated fairly by your aging family member, so it’s not wrong to stand up for yourself.

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